Saturday, June 02, 2007


I rediscovered the fact that I had a blog a few days ago and then rediscovered my username and password and then managed to get into the blog to post things! So, let the information begin, I suppose.

It's less than a month now until Dave and I go on our "Ashes to Asheville" tour. As mentioned on our website, we're starting it out at Slow Jed's Mud House in Averill Park, NY, where we're splitting a show with the very talented Erin Hobson. She has even suggested that we collaborate on a few songs. This will probably be fun for Dave and intimidating as all heck for me. You see, erin is probably one of the best guitarists i've ever seen out of the expansive field of singer-songwriters that exists around here. I, for one, am not such a guitarist...therefore i may opt to play the tambourine or claves when we collaborate. The performance will be three hours long rather than two in order to accomodate all the rays of awesomeness that will be emanating from the general vicinity of 3028 route 43.

Aterward we are going to burn things suitable for burning in a fire behind the shop. You will not be one of those things, because burning flesh is not something i want as my last memory before I begin my first non-camping-the-whole-time tour.

On the 23rd we are going to play at 60 Main, which is a project of the New Paltz Cultural Collective. We're splitting that show with Jeremy James (Who we're also playing with on June 10th at Valentines see: or for more information.) We are going to camp at the multi-use area near new paltz where all the climbers at the Shawangunks sleep.

The next day, Sunday, is all driving. Dave and I had a very close call recently while driving to the Bob Dylan B-Day Tribute at Union College (Tire blow-out, 360 off NYS thruway...etc.) so we are a little wary of driving on highways, but we'll make it work. We're going to take 81 I think.

Our gigs down in NC are a little up-in-the-air. We definately have three, which is the number we wanted, but I'm going to keep calling places right up until the days we leave, just because the more the better. Besides our three real gigs, we're probably going to go to a couple of open mics down there in order to let more people hear our music and make contacts for the next time we travel south.
Gig 1: Monday: The Root Bar #1: Swannannanoanoanona, NC (This show is the reason we have to bring out whole PA down to NC. They have one we could have used, but who wants to give their door money to the sound guys when you've never been to Asheville and have no idea if anyone at all will show up?)
Gig 2: Wednesday: Malaprops Bookstore/Cafe: Asheville, NC (We're playing in front of the store, because they don't have music inside anymore, but we, in theory, can only play out front for an hour because of a municipal limitation on street performance. I guess you have to switch locations every once and i while. So, perhaps we will find another shop willing to host us that day as well...In any case, a place I can't remember has an open mic that night also.
Gig 3: Friday: Show with Amanda Platt at yet-to-be-determined venue. It might be at a cafe, it might be a house-party, no one knows. What we do know is that Amanda is a smashing Banjo-wielding singer/songwriter. Perhaps we can collaborate on something. This is yet to be discussed.

Somewhere that i forget the name of also has an open mic on thursday, and apparently there is a weekly drum circle that happens somewhere in Asheville. We are also planning on playing at the Farmers Market (Which is massive and daily and state-sponsored in A-ville) although we don't know on what day. Tuesday or Thursday i'd assume.

Oh my, i have to go and use the bathroom. Yes, musicians have bodily functions too. Now, run along and play with your tinker-toys or whatever it is you kids do these days. I think it has something to do with electronic music or digital games or something...I don't know...i was lost after the audio cassette and original nintendo.

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